• Six-Flat with Steel Balconies and Stairway

    Balconies & Stairways

  • Stairway and Loft with Modern Cable Railing

    Modern Cable Railing

  • Multi-Story Fire Escape Construction

    Fire Escape Construction Project

  • Driveway Gate to Limit Access to Back Yard and Garage

    Driveway Gate

  • Restricted Access Gate with Locks and Mailboxes

    Apartment Building Access Gate

  • Iron Scroll-Work Table with Glass Type

    Iron Scroll-Work on Decorative Glass Table

  • Construction of a Spiral Staircase to a Second Story Deck

    Spiral Staircase Construction

  • Stoop Stairway Railing

    Stoop Stairway Railing

  • Decorative Window Grid to Replace Bars

    Decorative Window Safety Grid

  • Decorative Driveway Gate with Arch

    Driveway Gate and Arch

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